150 sposobów na Flickr.com

Flickr jest serwisem gromadzącym zdjęcia, znajdziemy tam zarówno fantastyczne i profesjonalne ujęcia jak i amatorskie próby uchwycenia chwili. Dla osób, którym typowe możliwości nie wystarczają do końca przygotowano Flickr Tools, które są zbiorem 150 różnych narzędzi w znacznym stopniu ułatwiającym współpracę z tym serwisem.

Tool Description
Mentalaxis Flickr Badge Show your latest images on your web page with my Flash based micro-slideshow.
Retrievr Find images by drawing a small sketch, works really well looking for skies and sunsets, forests and well, anything really… but not stick-men ;-)
FlickrFont converts any text to images, fresh each time the page loads.
Splashr a tool for presenting Flickr photos..
Flickr2Photocast generates an iPhoto-compatible photocast feed from Flickr containing up to 500 images in their original format/resolution.
Travelr lets you display your Flickr photos geographically on a world map.
FlickrFly a script that can be linked from the description or comment of a geotagged Flickr Photo to fly you that location in Google Earth.
phpFlickr a PHP client for the Flickr web service. It has functions that return the responses from Flickr’s API in a meaningful way for PHP developers.
Bubblr create comic strips using photos from flickr.
Sprinklr allows users to easily and quickly add their photos to various groups.
Favcol the background of this page is flickr’s favourite colour
Matchr a flickr puzzle game
h4ppierphotos helps find photos that are not already in sets and/or filter by date and then add them to a new or existing set or tag them.
Twaingle a tool that allows you to search for images on flickr or yahoo and insert them directly into an application.
Flickr Original Viewr view originals of all flickr images
Flickr Leech loads all the interesting photos for a day on a single page. Sort by user id, photoset and group pools.
ZoneTag can automatically tag your photos with the location, based on the cell tower, in which they were taken.
Flickr Mixr uses RSS feeds provided by flickr and parses them to generate new images.
Tiltomo play with their Visual Search code using two sample databases from flickr.
TagMan a hangman game for Flickr tags.
John’s Background Switcher periodically changes the background image on your computer to a photo from flickr at intervals.
FlickrLilli enables searching for Creative Commons content on Flickr.
RSS2PDF for Flickr create PDF archives based on any Flickr newsfeed. The photos must be made public.
Flickr & Webimager screen capture image upload tool based on flickr API.
We Map Flickr mashes up Google maps with Flickr to display a map with pictures from around the world.
Spahk mobile mashup to View photographs from Flickr based on keywords (tags) or a random sampling of interesting photographs on Java-enabled phones with MIDP 2.0 support.
Gtalkr intergrates google talk, gmail, flickr and you tube together.
Flickrball a six-degrees-of-separation game, using Flickr thumbnails and tags for clues.
Fastr a game where you are shown a group of pictures from Flickr and have to guess the tag before other people do.
FlickrFling displays the text of news feed with accompanying images from flickr.
Flickr Logo Maker enter text and it generates a flickr style logo image
Loopy a desktop screensaver application that loops and shows flickr pictures at random.
Flickr Sets RSS creates RSS streams for sets of a user on Flickr.
Flapper a fantastic Flash 8 interface for Flickr.
Flickeur retrieves random images from Flickr.com and creates a stream-of-consciousness type of video clip.
Findr finds photos on flickr by browsing and refining related tags.
Wickr a widget for browsing through photos on Flickr. You can browse by supplying tags or by giving a Flickr user’s username or email.
Tickr scrolls images on your desktop until flickr runs out of images to show you which match the tags you’ve specified.
Tagnautica an experimental navigation tool built to explore the space of related Flickr tags.
Clockr see the current time with flickr photos. The Flickr image urls will be stored locally, refreshed every three days to save bandwidth and improve start-up time.
Retrievr lets you search for photos on flickr by drawing sketches of them.
Slickr Flickr screensaver shows images from a user, group, tags, etc. from Flickr.
Gnickr manage photos on your Flickr site as if they were local files on your Gnome desktop.
Captioner add comic captions for your flickr photos
Flapi an open source Flash image gallery that uses Flickr to manage the images.
Daily Zeitgeist displays recent photos from Flickr on your website. Built in Flash.
Wikinews Flickr License Searcher searches flickr for images licensed under a specific license. Meant to help users of Wikinews find free images for use on the site.
Yahoo Widgets for Flickr get flickr related widgets on your desktop after downloading the Yahoo! Widget Engine.
QuickrFlickr a quicker way to generate HTML code of Flickr pictures for use in Xanga, other blogs, or any HTML Page.
CloudTagFlickr pulls tags from flickr, and arranges them in a number of ways according to the relative counts of the given tags, or put another way creates a tag cloud from flickr.
DeskFlickr rotates your desktop wallpaper based on flickr tags.
FlickrBuddy see and download the most interesting pictures of your flickr contacts.
Most Interesting Pictures enter Flickr username to see their most interesting pictures.
FlickrWallpaper a simple desktop wallpaper changer that downloads photos based on tags from flickr.
FlickrSavr downloads images based on the criteria specified and creates a slideshow of images and titles.
Flickrmap puts a flash based world map on your own website or blog.
Embedded Flickr Slideshows lets you embedd a Flickr slideshow on a web page or blog.
Flickr hack: All Sizes for all pics the public API gives directions for constructing the url of any photo based on information in the HTML of every photo page.
f*Gallery a personal php based Photo Gallery for flickr Members to display their photos uploaded to flickr on their personal website.
Flickrfs Virtual Flickr Filesystem create a virtual userspace filesystem which allows easy uploading/downloading/searching of images through flickr.
Projects on the construction of identity and flickr a series of three projects investigating what constitutes the self. egoshotr, fixr and mixrrr
WordPress Flickr Post Bar plugin easily insert your Flickr photos into your blog posts.
Phlickr an open source PHP5 based api kit used to access the Flickr API.
Flickr AutoDownloadr view Flickr photos in a fullscreen slideshow (Windows). Handy for showing off photos to a group of friends with a laptop and TV.
Flickratr vote from 1-10 for different flickr images.
Flickr Soduku play soduku with flickr images.
KFlickr a standalone Flickr.com uploader for KDE
FAlbum a WordPress plugin that allows you to display your Flickr photos and photosets on your site.
Flickr Album Maker make photo albums using Flickr photos. Based on php tools by Oberkampf.
flickrRSS Plugin This plugin for WordPress allows you to display a flickr style badge (for a tag, user, user tag or group pool) on your WordPress site.
Flickr Backup a java utility that allows you to download the pictures you have uploaded to Flickr back down to your computer for personal backup or restore.
Flickr Greasemonkey Scripts a huge collection of scripts that modify and enhance Flickr.
EgoWalk see geographically where all your Flickr contacts live in the United States on a Yahoo! map.
flickrsavr.py a python script that automates the process of saving the URLs (of public photos), and also saves a local copy of thumbnails, and stores descriptions, dates, and tags in a database.
Random photo browser photo search fetches a selection of random photos that have been favorited by at least one person.
Photo Comment Tool one-click grab and publish any Flickr photo into a Flickr photo comment stream or forum post.
BreadKrumbs build instant page to page journeys across Flickr photos. Also works as a good group promotion tool.
Flickr at Userscripts more greasemonkey scripts tagged with flickr.
FlickrFavs an application for downloading your favorite photos.
Flickr Explorer mass photo downloader for Flickr.
Flickr Importr a tool for Windows that allows you to upload images to Flickr and automatically add them to groups and sets.
Flyr search flickr for geotagged photos.
Steeev’s Flickr Projects a collection of flickr greasemonkey scripts and other Flickr programming projects.
FlickrRandom presents randomly-picked photos from Flickr.
Flickr RSS Widget a Javascript button you can put on your website that displays thumbnails of the latest photos in any Flickr RSS feed.
Flickr Dhtml Badge a pure Javascript and CSS (aka DHTML) implementation of Flickr’s neat flash badge widget.
Flickr module for CMS allows you to integrate your photo albums at flickr.com into you CMS Made Simple based website.
Flickr Framer online image editing to frame your online flickr photos.
Mobup a small J2ME application that manage mobile photo uploads on your Flickr account
fd’s Flickr Toys fun tools for Flickr image editing
QOOP flickr Photo Printer online photo printing service for your Flickr photos in book form.
GLFlickrShow uses OpenGL to produce fullscreen slideshows with transition effects.
Flickr idGettr find your Flickr user id number. For some reason, the only way to figure it out is by looking at your RSS stream address.
Flickr TopToolbar a Greasemonkey script or a Firefox extension, that insets a toolbar across the top of all Flickr pages.
Flickr MiniToolbar a Greasemonkey script or a Firefox extension, that insets a small toolbar above the title of a photo on the photo page.
Magazine Cover make magazine covers from your flickr photos.
FlickrTagFight a tool to fight flickr tags and compare the results.
Steganography with Flickr see how steganographied images can be shared with Flickr friends to pass on documents or other files.
Notifyr subscribe to a Flickr photo page and get email notifications whenever new images are added.
Flidget a dashboard widget for tiger that allows you to upload your photos.
Flickr RSS Reader v2 an application built in Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Professional that reads RSS Feeds from Flickr.
FlickrDown downloading photos from Flickr to save locally easier.
On Black enter the URL of a photo page to view that image on a nice black (or white) background.
Mosaic Maker make a square or rectangular mosaic from a photoset or individual images. [via]
Badge Maker make your own (unofficial) flickr badge.
Flickr Album an alternative fun way to view images at Flickr.
Associatr a tool for browsing related tags on Flickr.
Lfvr a light weight flickr viewer.
Flickr Montager create photo mosaics using flickr tags.
Search Plugins:Flickr searching flickr.
Glimmr a photo uploader for the Flickr web service.
Longline Tool composes long line mosaics from the Long Line group pool over at Flickr.
Grabbr is a small application to smooth the task of uploading screenshots to Flickr.
Flickr Schwag three buttons and two stickers can by yours by sending a Self Addressed Envelope to Flickr.
Flickr search plugin a Firefox browser search plugin.
Flippr! a simple application that grabs photos from Flickr and puts them on your desktop.
Flickr.rb a Ruby interface to the Flickr photo-sharing service.
Flickr People Finder a way of finding people on the big flickr visualization.
FlickrJ a Java wrapper for the Flickr REST API.
Oberkampf a set of a php tools that will allow you to paste certain functions into your files that result in some form of flickr result and display.
Geobloggers uses tags to link Flickr photos and Delicious links to geographic locations and show them on Google Maps
Flickr Automator Action 0.1 automated uploading to Flickr.
Flickr .NET a .NET wrapper around the Flickr API. Allows desktop and web applications to provide direct image upload functionality to Flickr and its services.
Lickr Flickr causes delay as flash loads. Lickr strips the Flash before the user can even see it, and replaces it with an equivalent interface in pure HTML and Javascript.
Flickr Screensaver a screen saver slideshow of Flickr photos.
Flickrfox an extension for Firefox (version 1.0) that lets you browse your Flickr photostreams in a sidebar.
jUploadr a cross-platform uploader for both linux and windows.
Degradr a Firefox Greasemonkey script to replace flash representations of photos on flickr.com with the image files embedded in those flash files.
FlickrPress This script will get all of the photos uploaded to flickr by a specific user in the last 24 hours. It will then post the thumbnails to a WordPress blog.
Flickr badge plugin for WordPress This plugin allows you to display a flickr style badge (for a tag, user, user tag or group pool) on your WordPress site.
Keyword Assistant a plugin for iPhoto to make keyword management easier. (users iPhoto and Flickr, with the Flickr export tool)
Recent Photos Slideshow & Screensaver slideshow view and windows screensaver of recent images upoaded to flickr.
FlickrExport a plugin for iPhoto 4 which provides a direct export interface to Flickr.com
PictureSync upload your images, with metadata, from iPhoto, iView MediaPro, and files with or without IPTC fields.
Photoupload image uploader to flickr.com. Uploads photos directly to photoset, Use IPTC and EXIF fields in photo description, and generate tags from IPTC keywords.
flickrate! an attempt to give flickr a rating system. Displays most aesthetic, funniest and original photos.
uploadr.py upload images to your Flickr account in Python. Once this script is running, simply drag and drop images into the specified upload folder and watch as your images appear on your flickr account.
Multipost Bookmarklet Tool one click submit to send sites to places like Furl or del.icio.us and other social bookmarking services at the same time.
Flickr Tag Related Browser type a search tag and see amazing view of flickr images and browse related tags.
FlickrClient a Python interface to the Flickr API.
FlickrUploadr a tool to upload your pictures to Flickr.
50 people See a program to blend Flickr images which share the same tags. No human is involved in choosing, positioning, or blending the images.
Spell with Flickr Generate one picture per letter.
Flickr Postcard Browser create Flickr Postcards
Flickr Graph an application that explores the social relationships inside flickr.com. It makes use of the classic attraction-repulsion algorithm for graphs.
Flickr World Map a experimental firefox extension based on the geourl extension. When you roll over a city a search is done through the flickr tags looking for the most recent photo with tags that match the city and country name.
dFlickr a Delphi wrapper of the Flickr API providing the necessary classes to access users/photos/photosets/groups/pools/blogs in Flickr.
Mappr an interactive environment for exploring place, based on the photos people take.
Flickr Color Picker using images from the Color Fields group, just click on a color, use the slider to adjust lightness and darkness, and it will show you photos with that color.
1001 a Mac OS X application for uploading and notifying you when new photos are added to streams you want to watch.
Flickr Rainbow displays most recent images from all the users at Flickr which have been tagged with the colours of the rainbow.
Flickr photos on your TiVo an application for the new TiVo HME which can display Flickr pictures on your TiVo
FlickrPapr searches for wallpaper size photos by tags or username.
flickReplacr bookmarklet get a flickr picture for a word.
flickr upload for gnome’s nautilus is a Nautilus script which integrates Flickr.com uploads with the Gnome file manager.
Flickr Photosets Movable Type Plugin uses the Flickr API to fetch a list of Photosets from Flickr that you can then include in your MovableType weblog.
WordPress plugin integrates some of Flickr’s great photo sharing services with WordPress
Kubrickr a tool that lets you replace that giant blue blob at the top of your WordPress 1.5 blog with a nice photo from Flickr.